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We have two rabbits which we have had for three years. Every time we go away on holiday we always ask Kerry Thornby of A Best Friend Pet Care to look after them, as we know she has an excellent reputation at being good at what she does and her prices are also very reasonable.

Kerry goes above and beyond in her kindness to animals and always has their well-being at heart. She shows compassion whenever animals are mentioned and has a vast knowledge about their wants and needs.

We would not hesitate to recommend Kerry to everyone we know.

, Reading


Kerry recently looked after our two cats, Millie and Lucy while we were on holiday.

She first of all came round to our house to introduce herself and complete all the paperwork, and we were instantly impressed by her thoroughness and attention to detail, as well as her friendliness and interest in our cats.

I explained all my quirks to Kerry concerning the care of our cats and to her credit she didn’t seem too fazed! We went through all of the feeding, litter trays and play issues and she took copious notes.

While we were on holiday, Kerry took the trouble to text us with updates on how they were doing, and as one of our cats is extremely shy and nervous, she checked with me to see if she could do anything to tempt her out from under the bed. She clearly made a great deal of effort to try to calm Millie and was also very good in clearing up all of the little ‘accidents’ that occurred, probably due to stress.

When we got back from our holiday, Kerry left us a delightful card with a daily ‘diary’ entry describing what she had done each day and what the cats were up to. It was a really special gift and was very reassuring.

We would recommend Kerry for her diligence and personal care and for the fact that she clearly does love animals and understands how much we treasure our cats.

Kind regards

Rosanne and Kevin, Calcot



We have used this company to provide a cat feeding service while we were on holiday on more than one occasion. The service has always been good - totally reliable and able to cope without fuss with old or sick cats.

They also always provide feedback on how the cats have been and will confirm periodically that all is well via text messages. We can thoroughly recommend them.

, Reading



Visits to my house when I am away for a whole day.
My dogs are fed, watered and exercised. Also Kerry spends time playing with them, or working them (I have agility equipment in the garden and Kerry is an experienced agility handler).

When I return I always find a long report detailing how the dogs have been - what they have eaten; whether they were happy to play or appeared depressed and not interested in anything etc. Kerry knows I hate leaving them, so she also sends me a text message to let me know they are ok.

She is very patient when I keep bothering her on the phone to find out how they are.

Cannot fault the service at all.

, Reading



Kerry ensures she meets the pets beforehand, writes full notes about the pets including feeding details, vets details, medication, routine and any other additional information that will help her give the pets the best possible care. Kerry has looked after my 4 boxer dogs (from puppies to old age) for over 4 years and she gives 100% of her time to looking after them.

She always phones to say she has arrived, and again when she leaves. She always leaves full detailed notes of what has happened during her stay and what she has done during her stay. I do not trust my dogs with many people, but am fully confident with leaving them with Kerry that they will be fully looked after and do not worry knowing Kerry is there.

She does far more than I expect of her in terms of playing with my dogs, walking them, feeding - the list is endless and I would recommend her to anyone with any pet.

, Reading



Kerry has taken care of my elderly cats for the past 3 years. She has an amazing instinct when it comes to working with animals and my cats adore her. Kerry is trustworthy and honest. We have even chosen to have her keep the key to our home. The service she provides is much more than pet care.

My eldest cat fell ill with pancreatitis whilst my husband and I were away in the states for a 2 week holiday. Had Kerry not had the training and understanding that allowed her to recognise that the animal was ill through her extensive work dealing with animals with health issues, my cat would have easily died from dehydration and in much pain.

Kerry swiftly took action and ensured she informed me immediately. She then took on all responsibilities for ensuring proper care at the vet, also taking time to ensure my other cat was cared for.

Kerry is also unique in that she provides a detailed account of activities and actions taken (medicines given, outside time spent, etc) and ensures she cares for your animals exactly as you request.

I was very lucky to find Kerry and truly appreciate her compassion for animals and her immaculate service.

I would gladly recommend her services to anyone and would welcome her using me as a reference.

Dahna, Burghfield



Kerry has been taking care of my three pets (two dogs and a cat) for over two years. I couldn’t ask for someone better to look after my pets, from walking my two sometimes unruly canines, to giving care and attention to a demanding cat. Kerry has walked our dogs regularly and I’m so confident they’re in good hands I never need to worry.

Kerry was excellent when I was away and my cat required medication and had an adverse reaction to the drugs. Kerry is completely reliable, thoughtful, kind and you couldn’t ask for someone more trustworthy to look after your much-valued pets. I can’t recommend her highly enough,

Ann-Marie, Purley



“My dog, Jenny, had a serious heart condition and was on medication, which had to be administered at the same time each day. Kerry is very reliable, she always administered the medication on time and to the correct dosage, she gave me written progress reports and would always contact me if she had any concerns about Jenny’s health"

Denise Moore, Calcot



I'd just like to say a huge thank you for all the times you looked after Ariana and Tiponya for us when we were away. We were both very impressed with the service you offered and I would always recommend you if anyone was looking for any pet care service. I just wish I could find another business as good as yours in our area now. I hope your business goes from strength to strength and I wish you all the best for the future.

Kind regards,

Alec Horsburgh, Reading, Berks






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