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Fully insured and Police Checked members of NARP (National association of registered Pet Sitters - www.dogsit.com),

A Best Friend Pet Care is a family run business providing a caring professional cat, dog, rabbit and small pet care service.

For Cats, Rabbits and Small Pets

We offer once or twice daily visits to your home suited to your requirements and the individual needs of your pets.

A free of charge initial consultation conducted in your own home to discuss the above requirements and needs and to meet you and your pets in the safety and familiarity of their own environment before any duties are carried out.

During each visit your pet will be fed as instructed, clean water will be provided, litter tray cleaned.

All bowls are always washed up between meals and feeding mats/surfaces wiped.

Medication can be administered. A medication form will need to be completed before this can be carried out.

If the medication is insulin:-

A careful discussion regarding insulin to ensure that owner and A Best Friend Pet Care are both happy and a disclaimer for insulin administration will need to be signed. In your pets best interests A Best Friend Pet Care reserves the right to refuse administration of insulin and to suggest you board your pet with a qualified veterinarian if they are at all uncomfortable about administering the injections. A trial run where A Best Friend Pet Care visits to administer insulin in your presence before you go away will be insisted upon to determine this.

We will play with your pet if your pet likes playing, brush if you require and your pet enjoys being brushed and let out into the garden if required or just provide company and a lap to sit on.

Owners whose pets have supervised or unsupervised access (through pet flap/door) will be required to sign an outside access disclaimer.

A brief hand written daily dairy of your pet/pets time whilst you were away will be there for you to read when you arrive home from your holiday

A free peace of mind text after the first and last visits will be sent to your mobile phone


Dog visiting

As above (excluding litter tray)


Dog walking

Occasional dog walking can be provided with plenty of notice. Please note whilst we are very well educated in the importance of socialising dogs with their own kind and also with people, we do not allow your dog to have off lead exercise whilst he/she is in our care. We will endeavour to walk where they will meet plenty of people and dogs but the socialisation duties we leave to you.


Please call for an informal chat (no obligation) or email your request (leaving your contact details if you would like us to ring and speak to you personally).

Please note that being a family run business we have restrictions on the times we are available and early booking is always best to avoid disappointment. We will endeavour to point you in the right direction if we cannot cater for your pets but would much rather you were able to enjoy the peace of mind that we can provide.


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